Melusine - Sarah Monette

So close to Mildmay and Felix properly crossing paths now. So. Close.


I've been looking forward to this moment the whole way through, especially considering the nature of the bond they unknowingly have with each otherThe narrative in Melusine is divided between two distinct points of view, Mildmay and Felix's.


Felix is a mentally, emotionally and magically broken wizard being used as a scapegoat for a massive crime committed by another wizard whose end goals are thus far unclear. Mildmay is a cat burglar who lives on the periphery of the magical drama surrounding Felix, but he is gradually pulled closer and closer to the wizard.


Mildmay and Felix have different ways of looking at life and interacting with people, I'm so looking forward to seeing how these two characters mesh together when they are in the same room and experiencing the same events.