Melusine - Sarah Monette

Felix and Milly-Fox are off on their own and have been diverted from their journey East to deal with the 'crying people'  that are bothering Felix. 


I love how Milly-Fox is so dedicated to keeping Felix out of trouble AND keeping him as happy as possible. It doesn't matter how out there Felix's requests and stories are, like...


His whole 'let's build a maze to save the crying people' plan, his 'ghosts tell me stuff' talk and 'people have colours coming off them' declaration. 


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Milly always tries to take care of him no matter how far down the well he is. And this is despite how pompous Felix acts when he's topside. 


Of course, part of Milly's dedication is due to how he knows Felix's condition got worse because he saved Milly's life when few people would. Their relationship is even sweeter when I remember how Milly is the younger brother. 


Another thing I want to talk about is Felix's sudden realisation that Milly is beautiful. Milly is so caught up in his scar that he would never believe it. It reminds me of when they are in a hotel together and Felix is like 'the chamber maid's were flirting with him but he didn't seem to notice'. Bless his little cotton socks!!!


I feel bad for Felix though The last thing he needs right now is to have a crush on his half-brother. And he didn't ever know that Gideon had a crush on him. (Neither did I until Milly mentioned it.). Goodness knows what's happened to Gideon and the others... i am quite concerned about them >.<.


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