The Virtu - Sarah Monette

I think we're up to Felix's third or fourth awkward romantic encounter already. This one made me chuckle but I feel kind of bad for finding it humorous.


Normally when the heroes of a story meet a girl running away from evil forces they do everything to safe her. True to the typical plot Felix and Mildmay have, up till now,  tried to help Arakhne, but they are the most begrudging helpers I have ever seen. The funniest bit about it is the way Arakhne is acting like this is her story. She has no idea she is just a side character in this novel, especially from Felix and Mildmay's point of view. She's misjudged the entire thing. Milly is not a stupid goon that doesn't matter. She doesn't care what he went through for her because in her eyes he is the side character. She is also under the misapprehension that Felix is the love interest in her story but in reality he has no intention of loving her. He's bored of her constantly changing stories about her past and just wants her to go away now. Plus, he's gay so he really isn't interested in her in that way. 


It's interesting to see side characters trying to forcefully form the plot around themselves as they try and change the novel they inhabit into something, I don't know, more straightlaced in terms of typical plot lines and characters.