Isla and the Happily Ever After - Stephanie Perkins

I enjoyed this book muchly. It made me smile on a rainy day. I loved Josh, Kurt and Hattie and I felt an unexpected level of empathy for Isla. She's clever and doesn't like having people pay her too much attention, she has to learn that she is worth being loved.


I'm really glad I picked this novel up. It's light hearted cuteness in paper form.


I haven't read the other companion novels (Anna and the French Kiss & Lola and the Boy Next Door) but in a weird way I'm glad I didn't, although I'm sure the cameo those characters make would have come across much sweeter if I had.  But by not knowing much about them I was put in the same position as Isla. These side characters are friends of Josh that I look forward to getting to know better when I read their stories which has a kind of symmetry with the way I'm sure Josh will fill Isla in on some stories about his friends as their relationship develops.


Another thing: I adore the cover, it's beautiful! I also love the rose detail at the start of each chapter.